Daily commute to work


Aaron (AKA Goodnews) has a 12 year background in visual design. While still actively designing UI for games, he has taken on a few roles in community management and production in the last six years. He finds the skills compliment each other and enjoys blasting the internet with compelling content.

You can find Aaron on two podcasts a week - the Indie MEGACAST and Brainwaves. He also streams several times a week on Twitch as a part of his work on Cerebrawl. His previous clients include Disney, Microsoft, Indie MEGABOOTH, Uber Entertainment, Starbucks, Fugitive GamesWhite Pages, Gamma Ray Games, and more. 

Aaron played Counter-Strike and Halo professionally at 15, eats roughly 25 pounds of ginger a year, and was the voice of Jason Giambi in Backyard Baseball 2000.